​Custom 1/8 tooled roper, Waffle and Wild Flower pattern, leather pencil roll, tooled inlay. $4275

​ Custom 1/2 tooled roper on a Billy Hogg tree, Wild Flower pattern with dark brown backing. $4675

​Custom roper on a Hogg tree, Basket Stamp & Sunflower, barbwire border and bull hide seat. $4475

​ Custom calf roper, Sunflower on a Hogg tree, tooled inlay, painted back ground. $5275

​Custom 1/2 tooled, Roper, Hogg tree, antique finish, a bull hide insert and has Waffle Stamp with Wild Flower tooling.  $4675                                  

​Custom 7/8 tooled roper with a bull hide padded seat with Wild Flower pattern. $3675

​ Custom Barrel, chocolate rough out, dog ear skirt, leather pencil roll, Gyspy Rose and San Carlos pattern. $3275

Custom  Barrel, rough out, chocolate, square skirt, tooled with Wild Flower, leather pencil roll. $3475

​Custom barrel #1, 15" seat, 1/2 tooled, antique finish, Waffle Stamp and Wild Flowers. $3275

 Custom 1/2 tooled, Ranch cutter has a antique finish, with Waffle Stamp and Wild Flowers with leg cut. $4275

Custom barrel, 1/2 tooled, square skirt, antique finish, Basket Stamp and Wild Flowers pattern, diamond border. $3275

​Custom roper with sunflowers, antique finish, half tooled on a custom Hogg tree. $4475

Custom roper on a Hogg tree, rough out with 14" tan suede seat and a double line border.  $3875

Custom 1/2 tooled roper on a Billy Hogg tree, antique finish, Sun Flower pattern. $4475

​ Custom #1 Roper, natural finish with accents, association tree, 4" cantle and a kidney skirt. $3875

​Custom rough out roper with strings, leather pencil roll on a Lewis tree and yes we do brands! $3675

​ Ranch Roper, 1/4 tooled with association tree, Basket Stamp, kidney skirt, leather pencil roll, strings on saddle and stirrups. $4275

15 1/2" Rough out with chocolate accents and strings on a Tucson tree. $3875