14 1/4" Red Antique In-House Custom Tree 

 Price: $1875



 14 1/2" Bison Seat

 3/4 Tooled

 Price: $1850

 14 1/2 Rough Out Seat

1/2 Tooled

 Price: $1875


 14 1/2" Custom  Black Suede seat. 3/4 Tooled 

 Stock Production Tree 

 Price: $1875

 14" Elephant inlay seat 1/2 Tooled. Full custom

 In-House Custom Tree 

 Price: $3865

 14" a Unique Design suede Seat 3/4Tooled 

 Stock production Tree 

 Price: $1875

  14 3/4" In-House  Custom Suede seat 1/2  Tooled In-House  Custom  Tree 

 Price: $1750

Barrel Saddles.

Our Custom Barrel Saddles are built on our Custom In-House tree, and our Stock In-House tree. As with all of our saddles, we will work with you to fill all of your custom needs.

We provide a tree warranty for:

5 years on Stock Production trees

10 years on In-House Custom trees

 14 1/2" Custom In-Lay  Seat 3/4 Tooled 

 Stock Production Tree 

 Price: $1875

 14" Full Custom with a rust suede Seat 1/2 and Wild flowers with

basket Tooled. Ready to go.

 Price: $3275