New a 14 1/4"  chocolate with a chocolate suede seat, diamond skirt with wild flowers tooling diamond border and , dog ear skirt,  $3590.  725

Barrel Saddles.

Our Custom Barrel Saddles are built on our Custom In-House tree, and our Stock In-House tree. As with all of our saddles, we will work with you to fill all of your custom needs.

We provide a tree warranty for:

 3 years on Stock Production trees

10 years on In-House Custom trees

14 1/2" Custom chocolate rough out gyspy rose pattern, dog ear skirt and leather pencil roll. A very sharp saddle.  Price: $3275 

2 New a 14 and 14 1/2" with a Southwest designed padded seat with a rounded skirt with poinsettia and snow flake pattern, a cool barrel saddles. Price: $1875.

14" seat, custom chocolate rough out with pencil roll and wild flower accents on a in house custom seat. Price: $3275

  Custom with a antique finish with daisy flower pattern. A very sharp barrel saddle.  Price: $3675.

14 1/2" # 1 custom two tone with daisy and leaf tooled pattern with a padded suede seat. Ready to go. A very nice barrel saddles. Price: $2475.

 14 1/4" chocolate wild flowers tooling square skirt, leather pencil roll. $3275.​                                    59

14 and a 14 1/2" With a golden suede seat with white stitching, with poinsettia leaf pattern on the swells and skirt. Price: $1975

15" # 1 custom Antique with waffle stamp and wild flower has a comfortable hard seat. A very sharp barrel saddles. Come and see it. Price: $3275.

 141/2" with a custom seat with wild flower accents. Basket stamped with flowers Ready to go to work. In-House Custom Tree 

 Price: $3675

  New a 13 1/2" Antique finish with a chocolate suede seat, Basket stamped with wild flowers tooling square skirt, we also have a sister to it with a kidney skirt. $3275.

  New a 14 1/2" chocolate rough out with a padded Turquoise seat with Buck stich skirts and fenders. Poinsettia flowers and square  tooling. $1975.​ 

 15" custom barrel saddle waffle and wild flower pattern antique finish dog ear skirt tooled seat jockey and fenders. $3475   12/19