15" Custom Roper on a Will James tree, all rough out, with a cheyenne roll, a 4" cantle. A solid saddle!

 Price: $3675 on sale ​on sale for $2975. Call us.

 14 1/4" a custom roper on a Billy Hogg tree with waffle stamp and gypsy rose pattern, with a elephant inlay seat.  Price: $4775.



 14 1/2" Tucson Custom roper with chocolate   Accents and it is rough out hard seat. Here it is.

 Price: $3675

Our Custom Roping Saddles are built on our Custom In-House tree, and on Billy Hogg trees. As with all of our saddles, we will work with you to fill all of your custom needs.

We provide a tree warranty for:

5 years on Stock Production trees

10 years on In-House Custom trees

Lifetime on Billy Hogg Roping trees   

Roping Saddles

 ​16" Custom Roper with a bull hide seat with a neat pattern with acorns. A cool saddle ready to go. Price $3975

 14 3/4" Custom Saddle  with a Padded Seat

 Giraffe In-House  Custom  Tree

 Price: $3975

 ​14 1/2" Custom Saddle  3/4 Tooled Padded Seat

 In-House Custom  Tree Price: $4275, on Sale. Call 405 319 9898

 ​15 1/2" Custom ranch roper, rough out with strings, Cheyenne roll cantle and a kidney skirt, on a Will James tree. Price: $3675 on sale for $2975

 14 1/2" Chestnut  Custom Saddle  1/2 Tooled Padded Seat

 Giraffe In-House  Custom  Tree

 Price: $4275


 14 1/4" Custom Saddle with a Bull hide Seat

 Custom Billy Hogg  Tree​. ​Price $4275



 14 3/4" Custom roper   on a Billy Hogg tree and a Giraffe seat with three flower pattern.  Price: 4295. 


 ​14 1/2" Custom Roper  on a Billy Hogg tree. 1/4  tooled with a leather pencil roll and three wild flowerspattern.Priced at $4275. Call us.


 14 1/2" Custom roper     with a elephant inlay  seat and custom conchos on a Billy Hogg tree. Here it is. Call us.

 Price: $4075

 14 1/2" Custom roper  rough out on a Billy Hogg tree and with strings. Price: 3675. 


 ​14 1/2" Custom Calf  Roping Saddle

  Price: $4275. We can  build you a calf roper  just call.